Parenting Toward Autonomy

Overcoming Parent-Child Codependence


Parallel to an international law career in Germany, Switzerland and the United States, Dr. Peter Fritz Walter (Pierre) focused upon fine art, cookery, astrology, musical performance, psychoanalysis, philosophy, social sciences and humanities.

From adolescence, Pierre wrote essays and received a high school award for creative writing and editorial work for the school magazine, which he co-founded. He was also best of class in philosophy and was reading Plato, Aristotle, Hegel, Nietzsche and Heidegger at the age of 14. In German literature, he focused his literary interest on Hermann Hesse and Thomas Mann, and wrote an award-winning essay about the famous authors for his baccalaureate.

After finalizing his law diplomas at Saarland University, Germany, and a 3rd cycle course from the Europa Institut in European Law and Policy in 1982, Pierre finalized his international law doctorate in 1987 at the Law Faculty of the University of Geneva. He then continued to study psychology, took courses in psychology at the University of Geneva and interviewed a number of psychotherapists in Lausanne and Geneva, Switzerland, as he manifested a strong interest in that profession.

This interest was intensified through a therapy he went through in Lausanne with an American hypnotherapist trained under Milton H. Erickson, and led Pierre to the recovery and healing of his inner child. Subsequently, he published a book and audiobook about the results of his work.

Meeting psychiatrists during that important time of professional transition, Pierre learnt that he had a unique gift for the mental health profession. He then intensified his studies of FreudianReichian and Jungian psychoanalysis as well as Transactional Analysis (TA).

It was during that time that Pierre developed his interest in landscape photography, buying a Minolta x300 and realizing an award-winning series of portraits of the town of Lausanne, while he had received early training in photography from the age of nine by his mother and two photographers who were her professional colleagues.

In 1986, Pierre met the late French psychotherapist and child psychoanalyst Françoise Dolto (1908-1988) in Paris and interviewed her. A long correspondence followed up to their encounter which was considered by the curators of the Dolto Trust interesting enough to be published in a book alongside all of Dolto’s other letter exchanges by Gallimard Publishers in Paris. The subject of this correspondence was the need for children to build autonomy early in life, and the psychiatric etiology of pedophilia as a childhood hangup.

While having been a late starter in piano performance at the age of 18, Pierre began recording his spontaneous musical intuitions since 1994 and is producing now a series of CDs with his music. Also in 2015, Pierre began to translate and publish his psychoanalytic writings into Spanish as this was suggested to him by a reader of his works from South-America.

While Pierre learned cookery from his grandmother in childhood, he started working as a food styler and photographer in Phnom Penh, back in 2012. He is now setting up a studio for product photography in Phnom Penh where he lives since 2004.

From 2005 to 2010, Pierre read more than 200 books and wrote and published free book reviews for more than 100 of them which are shared on Book & Media Reviews and on Amazon.

Pierre is a German-French bilingual native speaker and masters English as his 4th language after German, Latin and French. He also reads source literature for his research works in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Dutch. In addition, Pierre has notions of Thai, Khmer, Chinese and Japanese.

All of Pierre’s books are hand-crafted and self-published, designed by the author. Pierre publishes via his Delaware company, Sirius-C Media Galaxy LLC, and under the imprints of IPUBLICA and SCM (Sirius-C Media).

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