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This is a free service Dr. Pierre is happy to provide! It may involve a lot of time to read all the questions received, by Pierre is willing to do so, as it may help many people around the world to express their problems and emotions.

As Dr. Pierre understands many languages, and there is Google Translate around, please feel free to post questions in your own language. We will try our best to understand and reply and post the answer, if ever, in English.

The idea is that some of the questions and answers will be published on this site; so please if you don’t want your real name to appear, give us a pseudo, any kind of nickname you can think of, and we will respect your choice and not reveal your real identity.

Please do not use this service for spamming, and ask only serious questions that are important to your life, and that in your deepest mind and heart you wish to have an answer to!

Thank you!